FKL6621 fan and filter

Everything about FKL66 is designed to be simple:

  • Two colors are available RAL7032/RAL7035
  • Reversing the fan motors changes the airflow direction.
  • Power connections can be positioned for quick wiring with spring clamp terminals that require no tools.
  • Louvered grill latch for quick.

Model FKL6621.230 FKL6621.115 FKL6621.024
Standard fan F2E-92S-230 F2E-92S-115 SP922524HS
Rated voltage(V/Hz) 230/50/60 115/50/60 24(DC)
Air flow,free blowing 20/25 m³/h
Air flow with export filters 1 X FKL 6621.300:15/18m³/h
Axial fan automatically shield pole motor DC Motor
Rated current(A) 0.07 0.12 0.18
0.06 0.10   
Power(W) 11/13 11/13 24
Noise level(dB) 36/38
operating temperature range -10°C to +55°C
Exit filter FKL6621.300
 Special voltages available on request/Technical modifications reserved

Colour Model Order No
RAL7035 FKL6621.230 2013.022 
FKL6621.115 2013.023 
FKL6621.024 2013.024 
FKL6621.300 2013.025 
RAL7032 FKL6621.230 2013.001 
FKL6621.115 2013.002 
FKL6621.024 2013.003 
FKL6621.300 2013.004 

Name download
FKL6621 fan and filter-1