5 common terminal types | Terminal terminal blocks

Terminal (Terminal) is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which is part of the connector. In a narrow sense, a terminal refers to a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends, allowing wires to be inserted. The broad term terminal refers to a connector, which is also called a terminal block.

There are many types of terminal blocks and rich models. Among them, the common types of terminals are as follows:

1. Pluggable terminal blocks

It is made up of two parts plug-in connection, one part presses the wire tightly, and then inserted into the other part, this part is soldered to the PCB board. The mechanical principle of this connection bottom and this anti-vibration design ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product and the reliability of the finished product.

2. Barrier terminal block

It can realize safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in the use environment of high current and high voltage, which is widely used.

3. Spring terminal

It is a new type of terminal that utilizes spring-loaded devices and has been widely used in the world's electrical and electronic engineering industries: lighting, elevator lifting control, instrumentation, power supply, chemistry and automobile power, etc.

4. Rail type terminal block

The use of crimping and unique thread self-locking design makes the wiring connection reliable and safe. The appearance design of this series of terminal blocks is beautiful and generous, and it can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as short-circuit strips, identification strips, baffles, etc.

5. Wall-through terminal blocks

The screw connection technology is adopted, the insulating material is PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0), and the connector is made of high-quality, highly conductive metal materials.
Terminal terminal blocks