Advantages of new plug-in spring terminals and feed-through terminal blocks

What is a terminal block

The junction box is a modular insulation block that fixes two or more wires together. The factory uses the junction box to fix and/or terminate the wires. In its most basic form, the junction box consists of several individual terminals, which are arranged in a long strip. The junction box is most useful for connecting wires to the ground.

Types of terminal block structure
Terminal blocks can be classified according to their structure and device type.
Device type: Terminals can be grouped by the type of device or application to which they are connected.
Disconnect block: Use a knife switch to easily disconnect the circuit without removing any wires.

Feed-through terminal blocks and plug-in terminals are two mainstream wiring methods in the current market. The common feature is that the installation method used is not fixed by rails.

Features of push-in terminal block

1. Space-saving design
2. Optimized wiring scheme
push-in terminal block

Characteristics of feed-through terminal blocks

1. The crimping frame and crimping spiral are made of copper, which has a high compression force
2. The copper to the gasket can minimize the resistance value, and the tinned surface can ensure the minimum contact resistance
3. Airtight crimping
4. Suitable for a wide range of wire cross sections
feed-through terminal block

Advantages of new plug-in spring terminals and screw terminals

1. Plug-in spring terminals can be directly wired without any tools
2. The use of plug-in terminals can make wiring more efficient, thereby saving labor costs
3. It is more convenient for disassembly and assembly, reducing the maintenance cost

Terminal function

Pluggable terminal block

By combining pluggable terminal blocks in a certain way, the entire terminal group can be immediately disconnected from power by simply unplugging a single plug.

Stackable terminal blocks

To save space, stackable terminals can be installed next to each other. Usually, they are DIN rail mounted devices.

Diodes for terminals

Junction boxes with diodes between circuits can be used for lamp testing, and they also provide reverse polarity protection.

Direction and specifications

Terminals usually have three different wire entry angles:
-90° (horizontal)
-180° (vertical)

How the wires are connected to the module is called the contact, location, method or pole. When purchasing a terminal block, it is important to know the number of contacts so that the number matches the number of wires required by the application.