Advantages of Ultr-thin Fan Filter

After the coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people swarmed in and bought masks to protect themselves from the virus. The data shows that masks can protect you from coronavirus infections, but can ventilation filters capture coronavirus particles?

Scientists have taken electron microscope images to measure the size of the "virions" (or particles) of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Virosomes are spherical particles with a diameter of about 0.125 microns. The smallest particle is 0.06 microns and the largest particle is 0.14 microns.
Ultr-thin Fan filter

Ultr-thin Fan Filter

Ventilation filters are mainly divided into two types: activated carbon and hepa. Activated carbon is mainly used for air and water purification and military chemical protection. Its purpose is to adsorb various chemical agents. In comparison, the hepa filter is to meet the development needs of the current society's increasingly high requirements for air cleaning technology. It is a variety of structures developed in modern times, as well as head efficiency and performance are very stable. The high efficiency ventilation filter is the most suitable for the adsorption of particles.

Features of Leipole ultra-thin ventilation filter

- Adopting advanced styrofoam on the edges can prevent rainwater from entering the control cabinet along the filter screen from the opening, especially the curved structure of the surface grille can prevent rainwater from entering
- Quick assembly technology allows the fan filter unit to be snapped into the prepared mounting hole, eliminating the need for any tools
- Reversing the fan motor will change the airflow direction
- You can use the spring clip terminals without tools to quickly connect the power connection
- Louver grille latch allows quick, filter-free replacement of filter pads
- The non-woven filter mat is used to prevent dust particles of 10 microns. The thickness of the ultra-thin grid is only 4-6 mm, which greatly improves its aesthetic appearance. It is installed by inserting screws
Ultr-thin Fan filter

Advantages of ultra-thin ventilation filter

1. The ultra-thin filter is equipped with high-grade sealing strips along the edges, and the arc design of the cascade prevents the rain from entering. Protection level can reach IP55 level.
2. The size of the ultr-thin ventilation filter covers 111mm to 325mm, and the air volume is larger than the same ventilation filter, which can reach 560m³/h.
3. The shutter grille latch can be quickly replaced without tools.

Therefore, the ventilation filter can not capture coronavirus particles, but can effectively prevent 10 micron dust particles to ensure indoor air quality. If you are interested, please contact Leipole for more information about ventilation filters!