Date: 17th OCT, 2010
To:  Shanghai Lepold’s Clients
Dear Loyal Clients,
We have received a few complaints about products quality of Leipold Electric. After investigating on this serious issue, we have found those products are piracy. The former sales Mr. Richard Shen using another company name Leipold & ACDC Enterprise Ltd, and to export copy of our products to our clients. It has been seriously affected our company and our clients. Hereby, on behalf of Shanghai Leipold Electric Co., Ltd, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that you have. On the other hand, any further reaction caused by Mr. Richard Shen are not belong to Shanghai Leipold Electric.
Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Howie Wang or Ms. Kathy Xie  if you have any questions.
Howie Wang:
Kathy Xie:


Our bank details as following:
Beneficiary's Name: Shanghai Leipold Electric Co., Ltd
                    Beneficiary's Bank: 
Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
                    Bank Address:
International Department Room 1708, 17th Floor Zhongrong Jasper Tower,
                                            8 Yincheng Rd(M),Pudong Dist

                    Account No.:
                    Swift Code:

Yours truly,
Shanghai Leipold Electric Co., Ltd