Brass Terminal | Advantages of Copper Harness Terminal Soldering

1. The two objects to be welded are overlapped and joined into a solid state by ultrasonic vibration pressure, the joining time is short, and the joining part does not produce casting structure (rough surface) defects;
2. Compared with the method of ultrasonic welding and resistance welding, the mold life is long, the mold repair and replacement time is less, and it is easy to realize automation;
3. Ultrasonic welding can be performed between different metals of the same metal, which consumes much less energy than electric welding;
4. Compared with other pressure welding, ultrasonic welding requires less pressure and less than 10% deformation, while cold pressure welding has a workpiece deformation of 40%-90%;
5. Ultrasonic welding does not require pretreatment of the welded surface and post-weld post-treatment like other welding;
6. There is no need for external factors such as flux, metal filler, and external heating to process ultrasonic welding;
7. Ultrasonic welding can minimize the temperature effect of the material (the temperature of the welding zone does not exceed 50% of the absolute melting temperature of the metal to be welded), so that the metal structure does not change, so it is very suitable for welding applications in the electronic field.

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