Brass Terminal | Classification of Connector Terminals

1. According to the function, it is divided into: male terminal and female terminal, signal terminal and high current terminal.
2. According to the structure, the female terminal is divided into: slotted terminal and crown spring terminal. The former has a service life of 500 times, and the tube spring terminal can reach 10,000 times. Therefore, the tube spring is often used in the connection of rail transit equipment, which is stable and reliable.
3. According to the processing technology, it is divided into: stamping terminal and car PIN terminal. The punch PIN terminal is generally used for consumer electronics, and the car PIN terminal is used for high-end equipment.
4. According to the material, it is divided into: brass terminals and phosphor bronze terminals. Generally, brass is used for the male end, and phosphor bronze is used for the female end.
5. According to the installation method of the connector, it is divided into: direct assembly without snap ring terminals and push-in type with snap ring terminals. The former is an integrated D-SUB connector, which cannot be disassembled; the latter is detachable, which is convenient for thick wire welding. Push in again. 6. According to the post-process processing technology, it is divided into welding terminals, riveting terminals and solderless terminals.

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