Busbar adaptor | What are the advantages of using busway connectors

What is a busway connector? Which to use in detail? This is a problem. Bus ducts are different from traditional cables. This is a new type of power product, and many of my friends know that cables can be laid together over long distances. However, due to its special structure, it cannot be transported by a judgment method like a cable. It can only be installed on the site one by one. Also, each section cannot be particularly long, otherwise it will not be possible to install it in the field. Links in the busway section require an adapter. The function of the adapter is to connect the upper and lower cascaded busbars. Typically, the adapter will be based on the length of the busway before designing the application circuit. Dimensions and specifications are designed. For example, the 5000A plug-in busway is divided into three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire, so the matching busway connector should also be five-wire.
1 Quick installation
Today, busway adapters cannot be flipped over when installed, and two busway sections can be connected without being out of phase by flipping.

2 high protection level
The busway connector has a protective function, and the connector is covered with a connector cover, which can effectively prevent water, dust and debris from falling.

3 High pressure balance
The pressure generated when the bolts are locked is transmitted through specially designed washers to the high pressure balance pads of the copper bars and other cross-sections, thereby balancing the pressure on the entire busway connection surface. Moderate air tightness, safe and reliable electrical connection;

4 Shrinkage Compensation
In order to meet the linear expansion and contraction of the busway caused by heat shrinkage, the busway adapter provides a 7mm shrinkage compensation function, so the entire busway system does not need to install a dedicated heat shrinkable joint unit;

5 Design Stud Torque Bolts
When installing a stud, just use a normal wrench to turn the nut, and the bolt head will break automatically until the bolt head breaks automatically and the red indicator spacer drops, which indicates the best torque.