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The most important part of the electronic connector is naturally the contact part of the terminal. These terminals are equivalent to a small connector, which connects some devices with the same or different performances together to ensure that some components can run smoothly or ensure that the current can be Smooth circulation, so that the entire equipment can operate. The materials of these terminals are mostly different, because the properties and functions of the places used are different, so the selection of materials will be different. Some need metal, some need plastic, and some need liquid. , Some needs are solid, in short, the selection of materials is based on specific conditions.

Connector termination usually requires special tools. For example, connecting RJ-45 connectors to Cat 5 cables requires special crimping tools. In fact, most modern connectors require special tools to ensure proper crimping and secure connection. Some connectors provide retaining rings or protective covers to provide greater protection after crimping. In connections such as coaxial connectors, this type of protective cover even provides screws for locking the male connector into the female socket.

Connectors for heavy or industrial applications usually come with screws to provide greater stability. In the case that the line needs to transmit power, it is necessary to adopt a connector with an edge or a grounding design to meet safety considerations. Some types of connectors are designed to allow electricians to easily make electrical connections. For example, electricians only need to put the cable into the metal groove and lock the connector, and the metal groove will automatically cut a gap in the edge of the wire. , In order to allow a firm connection and eliminate the need for cable pre-stripping.

In summary, the difference between terminals and connectors is quite big. In addition to the marketing model, there are also obvious differences in their applications. In the power automation connection system, the appearance of wiring terminals facilitates daily operation and maintenance. When the connected terminal is short-circuited due to burnout, the application advantage of the terminal is immediately obvious. After the power is cut off, the burned terminal can be taken out immediately Just replace the new product of the same model, the entire repair time is greatly shortened.
Terminal Block Wire Connector