Din Rail Terminal Blocks | Types of DIN Rails

There are generally two types, mainly the difference in size.
1. The number "35" in the TS35 DIN rail here refers to the distance of the top hat slot, as shown in the figure above. This type can be directly referred to as a top hat (similar to the cross section of a deep hat) rail, which is a generally recognized industry standard and is relatively common in the market. The TS35 DIN rail is suitable for mounting electrical industry control products and components, circuit breakers, motor controllers to remote I/O, transformers, drives and more.
2. Compared with the TS32 DIN rail, "32" means that the DIN rail has a distance of 32mm from edge to edge, and has a C-shaped cross-section with a symmetrical curve on the outer edge. This model is still used in some places and is usually reserved for larger or heavier items like power supplies and transformers because it provides excellent wall support.

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