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Wire connectors are an accessory that has developed rapidly in recent years. With the globalization of the market, AI technology was born in this industry. Wire connectors are widely used in every country, and the demand is particularly large. Since the reform and opening up, domestic

   Wire connector technology has also achieved unprecedented development, and this market is constantly expanding. As the country with the largest consumption of wire harnesses and cables, China has a huge market potential.

  The application of wire connectors is very extensive. For example, the equipment and tools commonly used in daily life are elevators, electric water heaters, children's toys, artificial intelligence and other products. Not only cables, but also many engineering equipment have this kind of wire connection

   device, with this connector, you can replace parts at any time and increase the service life. In the future development, the wire connector is a very important connection device, which greatly facilitates the performance of the equipment and realizes multiple functions. From the world

  Look, the share cannot be ignored. With so many application scenarios, should we pay attention to the security risks that exist while it is widely used?

   Causes of accidents at the joint

  The main cause of the accident is a fire caused by a short circuit, a fever or two electric sparks.

   Need to pay attention to: the wire and the wire, the wire and the switch, the wire and the terminal head of the electrical carrier, the wire and the shelter device are peeled off at this part of the connection point, which causes the two wires to directly collide with each other.

   fever due to excessive contact resistance

   In the physical process of electrical conduction of the connector, when the contact area is smaller than the conductor area, it is easy to cause excessive heat in the connector and cause the burning of surrounding combustible materials, which becomes a fire accident.

  The quality of the product is poor

   (1) If the connecting wire is not twisted according to strict regulations, the connection of the joint will not be firm and easy to loosen, which will generate electric sparks and cause serious fire accidents.

(2) The wires, switches, and electrical appliances are connected through wire posts. Due to sloppy construction, no pads are added on the connection posts, and the nuts are not tightened. This will also increase the contact resistance, cause the conductor to melt, and the molten beads will fall to the ground. Burning materials, causing a fire accident.

   (3) The copper wire and the aluminum wire are not connected according to the regulations, and there is a safety hazard.

   (4) The wire core of the wire is not twisted well, and part of the wool (the wire core is warped outside, which forms a short circuit after mutual collision, and a short circuit occurs after the power is turned on, causing a fire accident.

   (5) The phase wires are not staggered, the wire joints are broken, and the joints are short-circuited between the phases, which can cause electric sparks and easily cause fire accidents. If the joint is opened for a long time and becomes loose, the conductor connection will be oxidized.

   Measures to prevent accidents at the joints: lower the joints of the wires as much as possible.
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