exhaust ventilation system|The fresh air needs to be maintained. How to do the post-maintenance of the fresh air? 

Exhaust ventilation system

The fresh air system is a fashionable new element of home life in the new era. As a "hidden" healthy home product, it can not only create a mysterious beauty for modern living rooms, but also allow people to enjoy fresh air. In order to maintain this beauty for a longer time, the later maintenance of the fresh air system cannot be ignored.
The fresh air system is an energy-saving, healthy and comfortable controllable ventilation system. It feeds the filtered oxygen-enriched air into the room, and collects the dirty air in the room and discharges it to the outside, which greatly reduces the concentration of toxic substances, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants in the indoor air. The concentration of inhalable particulate matter, etc., can replace indoor and outdoor air 24 hours a day, and can directly replace the fresh air without opening the window.
When the new fan is running, the filter screen can effectively isolate the floating pollutants in the outdoor air and harmful substances such as haze, viruses, bacteria, molds, and pollen. Whether it is a wall-mounted fresh air fan or a top cabinet fresh air fan, if it is used for a long time, the air outlet will absorb a large amount of dust in the air due to static electricity.
In the long run, the use effect of new fans will be greatly reduced, and may even cause secondary pollution. Therefore, whether it is a wall-mounted fresh air fan or a top cabinet fresh air fan, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance.

What happens if there is no cleaning for a long time?
1. The filter is blocked by dust accumulation for a long time, and the air volume becomes smaller;
2. The efficiency of the filter screen decreases, resulting in an increasing concentration of PM2.5 in the fresh air discharged from the outside into the room;
3. The noise is getting louder and louder, which seriously affects sleep at night;
4. The heat exchange efficiency decreases, the fresh air coming in in summer is getting hotter and hotter, and the cold air coming in in winter.

For these problems mentioned above, the best way is to perform regular maintenance to have a good experience. For the maintenance of the fresh air purification system, the main points are as follows:
01. Clean up the filter in time
Under the long-term operation of the fresh air system, the filter will be covered with thick dust. At this time, the mosquitoes and dust in the air inlet and outlet should be cleaned up in time, and the primary, medium and high efficiency filters that cannot be cleaned should be replaced, so as not to cause secondary effects. pollution and ensure healthy indoor air.
02. Check the tuyere pipes
When using the fresh air system for a long time, pay attention to the air speed of the air outlet to avoid the phenomenon of dust accumulation in the air duct. In addition, professionals are required to conduct regular inspections of the system and adjust the air volume to ensure the normal operation of the fresh air system.
03. Clean the full heat exchange core
At present, the mainstream heat exchange core materials in the market are divided into two types, one is a paper full heat exchange core, and the other is an aluminum full heat exchange core. The former needs to be replaced during maintenance. Normally, it should be replaced every 2-3 years. The latter can be cleaned and reused because it is made of aluminum.
04. Pipeline air tightness inspection
If the air tightness is not good, it will directly lead to the decrease of air volume! There is air leakage in the pipes of the fresh air system, and maintenance should be carried out in time. Because this may cause some of the foul gas that was originally to be discharged outdoors to remain indoors, resulting in the incidence of secondary pollution, which greatly reduces the efficacy of the fresh air system and greatly affects the air breathing health of indoor people.
05 Check the connection line
The connection line of the host of the fresh air system should also be paid attention to in the repair and maintenance. The connection cable of the host should be checked regularly. Due to the long-term use of the power connection cable, the connection cable may become loose and aged. If there is aging or looseness, it should be dealt with in time.
No matter what type or brand of new fan, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly, so as to better show its efficacy. Therefore, regular maintenance for the new fan in time can maximize its efficacy, prolong its service life, and better deliver healthy air.