Fan Media Replacement for Filters

Filter fan media efficiently maintains the IP rating of an enclosure to prevent dust, liquid, and chemicals from entering.

LEIPOLE supplies a variety of thermal components, filter fan units & filter media that will help in cooling an enclosure or cabinet.

A filter fan is used to reduce the temperatures in an enclosure or cabinet to avoid the early failure of items inside it. In most cases, this is done by pulling out hot air (reverse flow) at the top through a filter fan while cool air is sucked into the cabinet bottom using a separate stand-alone filter. Both filters fans and filters offer protection up to IP54 classification hence keeping off dust and splashing water. Most ranges are available with higher IP55 protection if needed.

Standard G3 media prevents ingress protection on both dust and liquid levels. Filter fan replacement media is made from high-performance nonwovens produced in-house out of elastic polyolefin fibers having thermal bonding which gives them good fracture resistance.

The progressiveness structure of G4 media known as IP55 consists of layers that have been arranged behind one another such that density increases towards the clean air side. As established above, this helps optimize defined filter performance and dust holding capacity leading to longer useful lifetimes for each particular filer.

G4 filter mesh fulfills fire class F1 requirements as per DIN 53 438 due to its self-extinguishing nature. The filters under EN779 have been approved after being tested and are produced according to the ISO 9001 quality management system. For every user subjective certainty exists that only consistently high standardised quality will be supplied with all filters.

Special Features whereon G4 Media has more life than GD Media:
  • Resistance throughout their whole useful life
  • The material’s mechanical strength is high and has good stability throughout its life.
  • G4 media can be used for a long period due to its resistance against chemicals such as solvents, acids, and alkalis.
  • It can be cleaned by delicate washing to extend the operation duration.

The filter media needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. Leipole fan filter has latest technology that makes media replacement much more easier than before. It may usually be washed up to 10 times depending on conditions of use but if the need arises it should be replaced to protect components and enable safe operating.