High-quality PCB connectors application and introduction

The PCB connectors are printed on the insulating material according to a predetermined design, and the printed components or a combination of the two are called a printed circuit. A conductive pattern that provides electrical connection between components on an insulating substrate is referred to as a printed circuit. Printed circuits or finished boards of printed circuits are collectively referred to as printed circuit boards.

PCB connectors

PCB series connectors are widely used in marine systems for railway projects, industrial projects, aerospace projects and test instruments. Products such as electric sightseeing cars, UPS, communication power supplies, chargers, and batteries are also preferred. High current PCB connectors are used. In general, PCB connectors are made of PBT materials, because this material has good motor characteristics and can be widely used in related industries.

PCB connectors have a base, no base, waterproof and non-waterproof. A PCB with a base has a base to better ensure that the PCB is tightly connected to the connector. The non-base connector is in the form of a socket. Such a connector can require less than one precision for the position of the pinhole of the PCB, so this saves a certain internal space to a certain extent and makes the product more compact. As for waterproof and non-waterproof PCB connectors, it is determined by the positioning of the product itself.