How to choose a bathroom roof exhaust fan

The bathroom ventilator is one of the essential appliances for every family. It can not only remove the moisture and odor from the bathroom, but also adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Especially in the cold winter, you can use the ventilator to remove the fog in the bathroom. So what are the types of bathroom ventilation fans? How to choose a roof exhaust fan?

roof exhaust fan

First, what are the types of bathroom ventilation fans
1. Ceiling type ventilation fan: Ceiling type ventilation fan is not only small in appearance, but also a type of ventilation fan with the best exhaust effect. However, this type of ventilation fan is more suitable for bathrooms with large areas, because it is installed on the ceiling of the ventilation fan, and relevant ventilation ducts must be purchased.

2. Wall-mounted ventilator: The volume of ventilator axial fan filters is also very small, it is hung on the wall. Therefore, during the installation process, a hole must first be cut into the wall so that the ventilation fan can be embedded in it. However, its air outlet is in contact with the wall, which will block a certain amount of wind, so this installation method will not make it strong enough for ventilation.

3. Window type ventilation fan: The window type ventilation fan is currently the most common type of ventilation fan. It has two operating modes, one-way and two-way. This operation mode can not only exhaust the odor in the room, but also run the fresh air outside into the room. The window-type ventilating fan has a wide range of use, and the effect is very good. Secondly, its installation method is much simpler.

How to choose a bathroom ventilator
1. First of all, choose a ventilation fan that is unified with the bathroom style. Secondly, in addition to its aesthetics, you must also check its quality. In general, a good-quality ventilator has a fine surface finish, straight seams, and no scratches. In addition, if the shell of the ventilator is metal, special attention should be paid to whether its paint surface is intact and whether there are rust marks.

2. Ventilation fans of different sizes and powers have different exhaust volumes, so we must choose according to our own needs when selecting a ventilator, and you can purchase it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. There are many types of ventilation, and there are many sizes. Generally, the ventilation fan in the bathroom is almost the same as the exhaust fan. If it is a bathroom without a window, the size of the opening is 29.5 cm x 29.5 cm, and the size of the frame is 34.5 cm x 34.5 cm. This is the specification of an ordinary ventilator.

Although the bathroom F2E top cabinet ventilator has a great effect, it must be cleaned and maintained frequently during normal use so as to increase its service life.