How to choose the installation position of the exhaust fan

If there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom, the humidity will be difficult to dissipate. If there is no range hood in the kitchen, it is recommended to install an exhaust fan. Compared with exhaust fans and integrated ceilings, which are more expensive exhaust tools, the price of exhaust fans is relatively high. It is low and can also get rid of moisture and odor. So today I will briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of exhaust fans.

1. Wall-mounted exhaust fan installation

When the exhaust fan is installed on the wall, first measure the outline size of the exhaust fan and the exact position of the screw hole installation, and then use a steel chisel or a portable percussion drill to drill the installation hole on the wall. Then bury wooden blocks (or wooden sleepers) in the holes and use mortar to embed them. After the mortar is embedded, the exhaust fan can be installed.

2. Window type exhaust fan installation

When installing an exhaust fan on a window, the general process is to first remove a piece of glass, drill a hole on the window frame with an electric drill, then drill a thread, and fix it with a screw. If the window frame is larger than the exhaust fan, you can prepare a piece of white iron sheet to screw on in advance, and then fix the exhaust fan on the iron sheet. Paint can be applied to the iron sheet. The fixing method is to screw or rivet.

3. Ceiling type exhaust fan installation

If the ceiling type aluminum gusset ceiling is generally equipped with metal fasteners that match the ceiling keel, it is very convenient to install; and if it is a wooden keel ceiling, just connect the exhaust duct and tighten the exhaust fan panel with wood screws.