Is it possible to connect the exhaust fan duct into the flue?

Some homes have no windows in the kitchen. If there is only one flue and you want to install an exhaust fan in the kitchen, many people will connect the duct of the exhaust fan to the flue. So, if the pipe of the exhaust fan is directly connected to the flue, will it be a problem?

There is no technical problem in connecting the duct of the kitchen exhaust fan to the flue, and it will not affect the overall use of the exhaust fan. However, the flue in the community is public. If other households are directly connected to the range hood, it will increase the exhaust air volume and the pressure in the pipes.

Compared with the range hood, the pressure of the exhaust fan is much lower. The entire floor shares the same flue. Every time someone cooks a cooker hood, it will affect the amount of exhaust air. Therefore, it is not recommended to connect the duct of the exhaust fan to the flue.

In addition, many exhaust fans do not have non-return valves. If the pipes of this type of exhaust fans are connected to the flue, the oil fume in the pipes will be poured into your house. What's up. Finally, the size of the exhaust fan is also critical. Be sure to measure the size. If the size of the pipe does not match the flue, it will not be installed.

Since the exhaust fan cannot be connected to the flue, how should it be exhausted?

The best way is to drain outdoors. If the kitchen has a window, you can make a hole directly in the glass window. If the kitchen does not have windows, then you must ask the decoration master to make holes in the wall to the outside, and then connect the exhaust fan. After installing the exhaust fan, remember to check whether the circuit can work normally, this is the best way.

If you still walk the flue, you need to install a check valve to prevent oil fume from pouring into the room. You can choose according to your own situation.

For the kitchen, the exhaust fan is only an auxiliary tool. If it is not necessary, it is best not to connect the flue when you decorate the kitchen.