New patent and energy saving

The VPhase voltage optimisation device, which launched earlier this year, delivers immediate and significant money and energy savings across the whole home, without requiring a change in lifestyle or electricity supplier. 

VPhase plc has been granted a European voltage control patent from the European Patent Office. The new patent, identified as European patent number 1913454, has also been granted in New Zealand and the USA. Once translated in all 30 countries designated in the European application, the patent will have been granted in 34 countries in total including Russia and South Africa. 

VPhase CEO Dr Lee Juby comments: “This patent recognises the unique and effective way that VPhase helps consumers reduce energy wastage and carbon emissions in the home, whilst significantly cutting electricity bills. This approval will help drive the business forward within the wider European domain, allowing homes across Europe to benefit as well.”

The low-cost unit uses voltage optimisation technology to reduce the incoming voltage and manage it to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK. This eliminates ‘over voltage,’ which is often a costly and unnecessary waste of energy and ensures many electrical appliances use less electricity and cost less to run, as well as cutting carbon emissions. 

VPhase is working with a number of major UK utilities to introduce VPhase units into homes nationwide and it is currently being tested in Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) customer homes, under the UK Government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme, to determine the lifetime carbon dioxide savings of the device. 

The VPhase unit is fitted next to the fuse box and operates on socket outlets and lighting circuits where it can maximise savings. It is best fitted whenever a new fuse box is fitted, adding value for the electrician and the homeowner.