Precautions for the installation of kitchen exhaust fans

In addition to installing a range hood in the kitchen, it is necessary to install an exhaust fan, because the range hood is only turned on when cooking, other times to ventilate or rely on the exhaust fan, the following are the precautions for installing the kitchen exhaust fan.

1. First of all, install the money to check whether the fan is intact and whether the screws are loose or fall off. When selecting the air outlet environment for installation, pay attention that there should be no big obstacles within 2.5 meters to 3 meters opposite to the air outlet.

2. When installing the kitchen exhaust fan, pay attention to the stability. When installing the fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan. Adjust the fan and the foundation plane to be stable and stable, and there should be no tilt after installation. When installing the fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a position that is convenient for operation, so that it is easy to adjust the belt tightness. After the fan is installed, check the airtightness around it. If there is a gap, use a solar panel or glass glue to seal it.

3. After the kitchen exhaust fan is installed, check whether there are any missing tools and sundries inside the fan, and then move the fan blade by hand. See if the fan blades are too tight, and you can start running after checking that there is no abnormality. If the fan is running with abnormal buzzing noise or other abnormal phenomena, it should be shut down for inspection, and then turned on after repair.