Is it necessary to install a roof exhaust fan in the bathroom

The bathroom in the house is always very humid during normal times, and the ventilation is relatively poor. If it is not cleaned frequently during normal times, it will have a taste for a long time. Most people have a bathroom in the bathroom. When they are in the house, they can open the windows and ventilate them. However, some people choose a room with a dark bathroom when they buy a house. Such a bathroom has no windows.
Installation of roof exhaust fan
If the bathroom in the house has no windows, the smell will be particularly large, and it will be particularly humid in the summer, and there will even be a musty smell in the bathroom. Therefore, many people install an exhaust fan that can be used to replace the air in the bathroom, so that the air in the bathroom can be circulated. If the air in the bathroom is not circulated, it will not only affect the environment of the bathroom, but also harm the health of the person.
Exhaust fan punch
Before installing the roof exhaust fan, we need to drill a circular hole with the electric drill at the top of the bathroom. If the bathroom in the home originally had this hole, it will not need to be drilled again. Now many developers also give the user in advance. This hole is drilled out.
After the hole is drilled, the exhaust fan can be installed. Although it is small in size, it is particularly powerful when it is running. As soon as you turn on the switch, it will run quickly and run out of air in the bathroom. Let the new air come in.
Exhaust fan function
After installing the roof exhaust fan in the bathroom with poor air circulation, it can clearly feel that the air in the bathroom has become fresh and no longer has the musty smell. After the air circulates, the bathroom is not as humid as before, and the water on the ground will quickly dry out.
Some residents even have windows in the bathroom, but in order to better circulate the air, they also choose to install an exhaust fan, which can make their bathroom air fresher.
For a family, having a good bathroom is really a very comfortable thing.