Several types of busbars commonly used in substations

Commonly used busbars in substations include soft busbars and hard busbars. The soft busbar is relatively simple and is mostly used outdoors, with good heat dissipation effect and very convenient construction. Hard busbars can be divided into rectangular busbars, tubular busbars, grooved busbars and diamond-shaped busbars according to their shapes.
(1) The rectangular bus is the most commonly used bus, also known as the bus. According to its material, it is divided into aluminum busbar and copper busbar. The advantage of rectangular bus bars is their ease of construction and installation.
(2) Tubular busbars are usually used in conjunction with bolt switches. At present, most of the steel pipe busbars are used, which is convenient for construction, but the interception capacity is small. Although the aluminum pipe has a large interception capacity, the construction process is difficult, and it is rarely used at present.
(3) Both the slotted busbar and the diamond-shaped busbar are used in high-current busbar bridge tubular busbars, copper tube busbars, tubular busbars and power distribution occasions that require high thermal stability and dynamic stability.