Simple analysis on the development of multi cable connector

With the rapid development of society and the rapid improvement of the level of science and technology, various electronic products and equipment have begun to enter people's lives, and people now see various electronic products and equipment everywhere. The same cable connector is one of the components in many electronic devices. Let's analyze the future development trend of the cable connector, and then we will look at it together.
1. From single signal transmission to multi-signal transmission: Traditional connectors only transmit a single signal, such as video, control, or data signals. As electronic products become thinner and lighter, connectors change from single signal transmission to multiple signal transmission. The same cable can transmit optical, electrical or other signals at the same time, which is also conducive to saving space and improving system reliability.
2. Miniaturization, thinness, and miniaturization: Now that electronic products are becoming lighter and thinner, it has also promoted the development of even machine products and connector products in the direction of small size, low height, narrow pitch, multi-function, long life, and surface mounting.
3. From passive products to modular intelligence: In order to obtain more profits, traditional connector manufacturers are changing the connector from a passive product to a modular product. For example, the server cable provider will turn the connector into a modular product. Intelligent, by adding active IC to turn a single cable into a smart cable that can monitor data.
4, from standard products to customization: traditional connectors are passive products, manufacturers can provide standardized products to customers, but with the diversification of electronic products and more and more intelligent products such as robots, drones, etc. . Manufacturers need more customized connector products to meet product needs. Connector product manufacturers need to develop new products with customers to meet customers' requirements for connector shape and function. Therefore, connector manufacturers need to participate in customer design early.
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