Terminal Block | How to wire the terminal block and matters needing attention?

1. How to connect the terminals?

Remove 6 to 8mm of insulation from the wire, and then insert the exposed part of the wire into the terminal; use a screwdriver to tighten the screw at the top, and pull it a few times by hand to see if the wire falls off; make sure the wire and the terminal are firmly connected After that, press the switch again, and when the light is on, it means that the wiring of the terminal block has been successful.

2. What are the precautions for wiring?

1. During the wiring process, the power must be cut off before operation, and live operation is not allowed. If you don't know if the power has been disconnected, you can use a pencil or a multimeter to test. When wiring, once the terminal of the terminal or the switch terminal slips, it must be replaced immediately after use, otherwise it will easily cause electric shock.

2. When entering the power supply, remember to put on the PVC conduit. If the wire is installed above the ceiling, do not pull on the wire arbitrarily. During installation, place a lift bracket at the corner of the pipe to better secure the electrical conduit. Do not place wires on booms or keels without any securing measures

3. When installing the wires, it should be noted that the length of the wires in the switch box should not be too long. After wiring, the wire should be sent into the conduit, and the wire should not be inserted into the switch to fix it. In addition, do not install the host under a fixed socket, otherwise it will also affect the safety of household electricity.

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