The development trend of the connector industry

The connector industry has four major development trends: high frequency and high speed, wireless transmission, miniaturization, and intelligence. As a communication bridge in the circuit system, the connector not only has the characteristics of easy maintenance and easy upgrade, but also can simplify the assembly process of electronic products, improve the flexibility of design and production, thereby enhancing the automation of the entire system and reducing costs . Therefore, the performance of the connector determines the efficiency and reliability of the entire system. In the future, the connector will be gradually upgraded, and products will emerge in endlessly. The diversity, performance and quality advantages of connectors will become a major factor in the upgrade and development of the entire manufacturing industry. The large-scale use of high-performance connectors is a major trend in the development of the manufacturing industry in the future.

With the rapid development of 5G, Internet of Things, AI, intelligent driving and other technologies, the market has put forward new requirements for connector technology. In communication equipment, connectors carry the task of data connection between terminals, and the development of 5G will promote the demand for wireless connectors. In automotive applications, in addition to the original engine management system and other equipment that require the data connection of the connector, the most advanced in-vehicle entertainment system and intelligent driving system have a stronger demand for the connector. In industry, with the construction of the Industrial Internet, stronger performance and reliability are required between industrial equipment and networks.


Traditional connectors can only transmit a single signal, such as video, control or data signals. Now, as electronic products are becoming thinner and lighter, connectors have changed from single signal transmission to multiple signal transmission.The same cable can transmit optical, electrical or other signals at the same time, which not only saves space, but also improves system reliability. 

With the advent of the AI ​​era, connectors will not only implement simple transmission functions. In the future, in switching power supplies, in addition to ensuring the data of electrical signals, simple intelligent judgment and protection may also be possible, and the correct data can be output at the same time. Avoid damage to the power supply. Smaller, more convenient, more accurate, lower cost, and smarter connector technology will be the development trend.