The difference between exhaust fan and ventilating fan

1. The difference between exhaust fan and ventilating fan

Exhaust fan: As the name suggests, it is to exhaust the air. This air mainly refers to the odor, humidity, oily smoke, smoke from the house and other filthy air, which is exhausted from the indoor to the outdoor. If the exhaust fan stops working When, the fan blades will not merge;

Ventilation fan: Compared with the exhaust fan, it not only has the function of exhausting air, but also has the function of ventilating. The specific point is that it can exhaust the dirty air in the room, and it can also extract fresh air from the outside to the room. The official It is said that it is a type of air-conditioning appliance for indoor and outdoor air exchange. In addition, when the ventilating fan stops working, it can prevent foreign objects from entering the room;

2. Types of exhaust fans and ventilating fans

Because the exhaust fan only operates in one direction, it has only one type, while there are three types of ventilating fans, namely: ceiling type, wall type and window type;

Pipeline ceiling type: It is installed in the ceiling of the ceiling, so it looks more beautiful in appearance, but because it cannot directly "contact" with the outside world, it needs to use pipes, and the long pipe will reduce the force of extracting wind, so it works Efficiency will be greatly reduced;

Louver wall-mounted type: It is installed on the wall, so the appearance is a bit unsightly, but because it is directly connected to the outside, the effect of extracting the wind is very good, and the work efficiency is very high;

Window type: This kind of ventilating fan is a bit similar to the wall-mounted type, except that it is installed on the window, the effect is also very good, the price is high, and saving money is the last word, so it is loved by the majority of users;