The Use of Fan Filters

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, the electronic equipment is updated faster and better, the quality is getting better and better, and it is more and more convenient to use, but if the cabinet of the electronic equipment is used improperly or cannot be obtained well If it is maintained, it is easy to cause the machine to malfunction or even damage due to overheating or accumulation of too many dust particles. In order to deal with these problems, the use of fan filters is particularly important.
Fan filters are used in various machinery and equipment, and in the electronic cabinet of the equipment. Electrical cabinets are widely used in indoor power distribution, low-voltage power distribution, power control, automatic control and other occasions. Due to the different installation, use requirements and environment, the internal and external waterproof, dustproof and heat dissipation requirements of the electrical cabinet are also different. In related technologies, the louvers of the fan filter are fixed, if dustproof is required, filter cotton will be installed. Therefore, choosing a suitable fan filter is of great significance to protecting electronic components and prolonging the service life.

Leipole is a company specializing in the production of electronic components and equipment. It has considerable experience in this area. The fan filter produced by the company has a thinner filter edge and a good sealing strip, which can avoid rain water along the filter from Enter the control cabinet at the opening. The novelty is the arc structure of the surface cascade, which can prevent rainwater from entering. Non-woven fiber filter mat is used to avoid dust particles above 10 microns. The thickness of the thinner cascade is only 4-10 mm protruding, which greatly increases its aesthetics. Moreover, it is very convenient to use, no screws are needed when installing, as long as it is embedded.