Toilet exhaust fan specifications and installation

The smell of the bathroom has always been a top priority for housewives. Therefore, knowing the specifications and installation of the bathroom exhaust fan is a very important skill for the masters in this society. Today, Meijia Meihu will introduce you to the bathroom exhaust Fan specifications and installation. I hope that the installers of Meijia Meihu can improve themselves in time every day.

Exhaust fans are used in occasions that require low noise and high static pressure. They mainly play a role in enhancing air circulation. There are mainly three different exhaust methods: exhaust type, suction type and combined type. The exhaust type means let the air enter from the natural air inlet, and the exhaust fan is used to remove the dirty air; the suction type is the opposite, the ventilating fan is used to inhale fresh air, and the natural exhaust port serves as the outlet for the dirty air; The combined ventilating fan takes one role as two, and it needs to assume two responsibilities: inhalation and exhaust. The specifications of different exhaust fans are different.

The following points should be paid attention to when installing the exhaust fan:

1. Try to be as close to the original air duct as possible, with the shortest pipeline principle

2. Try to be as close as possible to the place where the odor and moisture are generated, the principle of highest efficiency

3. It should not be installed directly above the shower area, otherwise the body will feel uncomfortable due to the airflow, and the heat loss will be large at low temperatures.

4. Combined with ceiling shape, partitioning, lighting, etc., the aesthetics are considered in a unified manner.