What does the Busbar Insulator do?

The busbar is the main conductor on the electrical equipment. The insulator is used to support the busbar on the equipment but requires mutual insulation between the busbar and other metal components. This insulator mainly plays a supporting role, so it is called a support insulator, which is generally made of magnetic or other insulating materials. It is cylindrical, with a screw rod at the top and bottom, but the two screws are separated by insulating materials.

The main function of insulators is to insulate and fix current-carrying conductors such as busbars and wires. The insulators are made of porcelain parts and hardware parts that are glued with cement adhesive. The porcelain parts ensure that the insulators have good electrical insulation strength, and the hardware is used for fixing. Generally installed on high-voltage or low-voltage switch cabinets, bus bridges, walls or brackets.

According to the structure, it can be divided into: high and low voltage insulators, suspension insulators, anti-fouling insulators and bushing insulators.
According to the material, it can be divided into: porcelain insulators, glass insulators and composite insulators (also known as synthetic insulators).
According to the way of use, it can be divided into: insulating cross arm, semiconductor glaze insulator, tension insulator, bobbin insulator and wiring insulator, etc.

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