What is a connector?

Generally refers to electrical connectors. That is, a device that connects two active devices, carrying current or a signal. Connectors are a component that our electronic engineering technicians often touch. Its function is very simple: it sets up a bridge of communication between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current flows and the circuit realizes the predetermined function.

Connectors are an indispensable part of electronic equipment, and you will always find one or more connectors along the path of current flow. The form and structure of connectors are ever-changing, and there are various forms of connectors with different application objects, frequencies, power, and application environments. For example, the connector used to light a light on a court is very different from the connector used to light a hard drive, and the connector used to light a rocket.

But no matter what kind of connector, it is necessary to ensure that the current flows smoothly, continuously and reliably. In general terms, what the connector connects is not limited to current. In today's rapid development of optoelectronic technology, in the optical fiber system, the carrier of the signal is light, glass and plastic replace the wires in the ordinary circuit, but the optical signal Connectors are also used in pathways, and they serve the same purpose as circuit connectors.