What is a terminal block and its classification

The terminal block is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection, and it is divided into a wider range of connectors in the industry. As the degree of industrial automation becomes higher and the requirements of industrial automation become higher and more reasonable, the total cost of terminal blocks may increase. With the development of the electronics industry, the scope of use of terminal blocks is increasing, and there are more and more types. In addition to PCB terminals, the most widely used terminals include hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, and so on. .
     The terminal block is for the convenience of the wire. It is actually a piece of connection and is connected to the plastic application. It can insert a metal piece in the external hole, and the screw is used for grounding or use, such as two wires, sometimes need to be connected, sometimes They need to be disassembled, and the buttons can be connected with terminals and can be disconnected at any time. It is not necessary to weld them or it is very convenient. It is also suitable for a large number of lead interconnections. It is unique in the power industry for terminal blocks and boxes. It is the terminal block, single-layer, popular, current, voltage, common, breakable, etc. A certain crimping area is to ensure reliable contact and to ensure that the current can pass through the switch.
Classification of terminal
1. Plug-in
     It is connected by two parts, one part will be pressed tightly, and then inserted into the other part, this part is soldered to the PCB board. The mechanical principle of this connection bottom, this anti-vibration design ensures that the product can be airtightly connected for a long time and the finished terminal can be modified to whisper. The ear can protect the connection piece and prevent the position of the connection piece from approaching. At the same time, this prototype design can ensure the correctness Inserted into the body. There can also be assembly buckle and lock buckle positions. The buckle can choose different ground buckles to be fixed to the PCB board, and the lock can be installed on the body and different mother bodies. There are different types of insertion methods: horizontal, vertical or toward the electronic circuit board, etc., which can be selected according to customer requirements. You can choose either metric wire gauge or wire gauge. It is the most popular terminal on the market.
Two, fence type
     It can realize safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in the use environment of high current and high voltage.
Three, track installation
     It adopts reliable threaded connection technology, electronic fuse technology and the latest electrical connection technology, and is widely used in power electronics, communications, electrical control and power supply fields.
Four, orbital
     Using crimping and unique thread self-locking design, the connection method is reliable and safe. The appearance design of this series of terminal blocks is beautiful and generous, and a variety of accessories can be installed, such as short-circuit strips, identification strips, and aesthetics.
Five, through the wall
     Using connecting wire technology, the insulating material is PA66 (foreign grade: UL94, V-0), and the connector is made of high-quality, highly conductive metal materials.
     H-type through-wall terminal blocks can be installed side by side on panels with a thickness of 1mm to 10mm, and the distance between panel thickness can be automatically adjusted to form a terminal block with any number of poles. Plates can also be used to increase air gap and creepage distance. It is extremely convenient to install the through-wall terminal in the convenient shooting hole on the panel without any expression tools.
     H-type through-the-wall terminal blocks are widely used in some occasions where solutions are needed: walls, electrical control cabinets and other electronic equipment. Good insulation performance and high protection level. Users only need to directly connect the power supply directly to the WUK series terminal. The insulation material of the WUK series terminal can be modified (PA66). The 2-wire voltage is 800V and the current is 41A. Work, save the wiring steps in Hangzhou.
     The insulation of PCB terminal blocks is imported with improved (PA66), which has good electrical performance and machinery, so you need to connect hard wire to hard wire, hard wire to multi-strand wire, or multi-strand wire to multi-strand wire.
Seven, insurance terminal
     Composite high voltage resistance (PA66) for insulating materials, with good electrical and mechanical properties. The screw is made of strong copper alloy, the conductor is made of copper alloy, and the frame is made of corrosion-resistant alloy copper. As a result, these metal surfaces are protected by tin or nickel plating. All copper wiring and wiring can avoid battery connection in steel environment. There is a hole in the middle of the wiring, which can be connected in the center or in the side plug type. Connector connection; can be connected to electrical products with a 4mm2 conductor voltage of 800V and a current of 41A
8. Test terminal
     The jumping metal parts that play the role of switch can maximize the working current. When switching, use a knife and screw to move and switch; the position can be tested and hit, and the corresponding test terminal can be used for testing. When measuring current Can not interrupt operation. It can be connected to a control loop with a voltage of 660V and a current of 57A.
Nine, general-purpose
      The color is colored terminal, thickness: 6.24 Harness: 0.2-4: 32A: 0V can be installed on U-shaped or G-shaped rail, the new terminal has the same connection ability in the same position, the upper and lower two are wrong in the design by 2.5mm The space is visually distinct. At the same time, when the upper layer is wired, the screwdriver can be easily constructed in the lower area and is clearly visible.
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