What is the difference between busbar and wire and cable

For many reasons, it's hard to tell effectively apart from appearance alone, since they're all the same externally. For example, many people confuse busbars with wire and cable. Today I mainly introduce to you what is the difference between busbar and wire and cable?
From the point of view of current carrying capacity, the current carried by the wire and cable is smaller, while the current carried by the busbar is larger.
From a structural point of view, wire and cable are flexible (inner copper core and outer insulation) and can be bent, busbars are rigid (inner hard copper bar and outer steel or aluminum alloy casing) and cannot be bent. Special elbows are required.
From the point of view of use characteristics, the installation and production of wires and cables are troublesome. Each electrical device needs to be wired and connected individually, while busbars are easy and flexible to install and less prone to installation errors. A single busbar can power many devices simultaneously.
In order to guarantee the quality of the busbars we use, we need to judge the product. In fact, it is easier to contact the regular busbar manufacturers directly, as they use raw materials and links in the production process. With strict management, there will be no poor quality products that will affect the busbar manufacturer's reputation in the industry.