What should be paid attention to when selecting a centrifugal fan?

Centrifugal fans are more and more widely used in industry and are involved in many fields such as cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and so on. Therefore, the selection of centrifugal fans is a key step in industrial dust removal, cooling and other applications.
So, what are the precautions when selecting a centrifugal fan?
1. Different types of centrifugal fans should be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the conveyed gas, as well as different uses. The main control parameters are total pressure, air volume, efficiency, speed, specific sound pressure level and motor power.
2. When selecting centrifugal fans, users need to compare, and give priority to products with higher efficiency, light weight, smaller size and larger adjustment range.
3. When choosing, users should not only consider the one-time investment issue, but more importantly, consider the long-term economic operation effect, because if you buy it back, you must use it all the time, not just put it where you use it once.
4. The fan motor power should be added 15%~20% to the calculated value, so when using variable frequency centrifugal fan, the total pressure loss calculated by the system should be the rated wind pressure.
5. When choosing a centrifugal fan, try to avoid using centrifugal fans to work in parallel or in series. When it is unavoidable, centrifugal fans of the same type and performance should be selected to work together. When a series connection is used, there should be a certain pipeline connection between the first-stage centrifugal fan and the second-stage fan, and the same air volume should be maintained.
6. According to the different physical and chemical properties of the gas conveyed by the centrifugal fan, choose the centrifugal fan for different purposes. For example, those with explosive and flammable gases should be selected with explosion-proof function, those with corrosive gases should be selected with anti-corrosion centrifugal fans, and those working in high temperature situations or transporting high-temperature gases should be selected with high temperature resistance.
7. The selected centrifugal fan should consider the issues such as making full use of the original equipment and being suitable for on-site production, installation and operation.