Why is there a range hood in the kitchen and an additional roof exhaust fan?

The kitchen is a place for many people who love to cook. It is also a place with a lot of oil fume. In order to prevent the kitchen from having too much oil fume, many people will choose to install a range hood in the kitchen to exhaust the oil fume go with.

However, the function of the range hood is not powerful enough to exhaust all the fumes produced by the kitchen. In order to reduce the workload of the range hood, a roof exhaust fan can be installed in the kitchen. The existence of the exhaust fan is to assist the range hood to exhaust the kitchen fumes as much as possible.

When there are friends at home, you need to prepare food to entertain them, which will inevitably increase the amount of oil smoke in the kitchen. The hood can't always drain the oil fume in time. If there is an exhaust fan to help, then you can make the kitchen fume more.

Why choose an exhaust fan over other tools? This is closely related to the two major functions of the exhaust fan. First of all, the exhaust fan has good ventilation, which can exhaust the indoor oil smoke and also introduce fresh air outside. Secondly, the exhaust fan also has a heat dissipation function, because it can exchange outdoor and indoor air, which can reduce the temperature of the kitchen.

Where should the exhaust fan be installed in the kitchen? It is recommended to install it near the range hood, which can not only have the double effect of exhausting fume, but also play a good role in heat dissipation.

In addition to installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen, attention should also be paid to the storage of the kitchen. You can install cabinets in the kitchen, or you can install a storage rack on the wall to store the dishes you usually use.