Rittal Cabinet Enclosure Panel Exhaust Fan With Filter Axial Fan Filter(FKL5525-200)


  • with advanced foaming glue along the edge can prevent the rain water from entering the control cabinet along the strainer from the opening.In particular, the arc-shape structure of the surface grille can prevent the entry of rain.
  • Quick-fit technology enables fan filter unit to snap into prepared mounting cutouts to eliminate the need for any tools.
  • Reversing the fan motors changes the airflow direction.
  • Power connections can be positioned for quick wiring with spring clamp terminals that require no tools.
  • Louvered grill latch for quick, toolless filter mat replacement.
  • non-woven fiber filter pads are used to prevent dust particles of 10 microns.The thickness of the ultra-thin grille is only 4-6 mm, which greatly improves its aesthetic appearance.Installing by inserting screws.Its protection level can reach IP54/55.


Technical data
Model FKL5525-200.230 FKL5525-200.115
Available colors RAL7035/RAL7032 RAL7035/RAL7032
Order number 2025.014/2025.038 2025.015/2025.039
Standard fan F2E-200B-230 F2E-200B-115
Rated voltage (V Hz) 230/50/60 115/50/60
Air flow, free blowing 485/500m3/h
Axial Fan Automatically shield pole motor
Rated current (A) 0.36/0.40 0.70/0.83
Power (W) 50/48
Noise level (dB) 63/67
Operating temperature range -10  to +55 
Exit filter FKL5525.300 RAL7035(2025.008)/RAL7032(2025.032)
Filter mat model Sepcial requirement *IP55 is available with special order. Please contact with our sale consultant for IP55 requirement.

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