Motor:Shaded pole/Cage type capacitor structure external totol motor.

Impeller:Black PA nylon one-time injection moulding

Operation range:-40℃~+80℃(temperature),0%-95% (humidity)

Protection:Impedance protected/Automatic recovery thermal protection.

Withstand Voltage:AC 1800V,1min at 0.5mA,50/60Hz

Insulation Grade:design according to IEC61858 Grade F.

310FLW Centrifugal Fan



·Motor Shaded pole/cage type capacitor structure external rotol motor.

·Impeller Black PA nylon one-time injection moulding.

·Allowable Environment temperature and humidity range:-40℃~+80℃(temperature)0%~95%(Humidity).

·Protection Impedance protected/automatic recovery thermal protection.

·Withstand Voltage AC 1800V,1 min at 0.5mA,50/60Hz.

·Insulation Grade design according to IEC61858 GRADE F.


·Protection Class:IP44

Rotation direction of blades:CW seend from the front inpellers

Power Connection:UL3266-18 Lead wire

Unit Weight:3.8KG


Centrifugal fans from LEIPOLE are available with forward- or backward-curved blades. The low-noise centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades are also supplied with a scroll housing. The centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades are designed as free-wheeling fans and do not require a scroll housing. For the centrifugal fans with external rotor motors, the motor is positioned in the impeller, resulting in optimum cooling of the motor as well as an especially compact design. 

133FLW Vortex Cooling Fan with backward-curved blades are used primarily for intake suction. Since most of the pressure build-up takes place in the impeller, there is generally no need for a scroll housing. The centrifugal fans have very good hydraulic efficiency and a low noise level and are ideally suited for high pressures. The centrifugal fans are used in applications such as central air conditioning units or building ventilation systems.







Model Order Code Rated Voltage V Frequency Hz Phase Input power (W) Current (A) Speed (r/min) Air Flow (m3/min) Static pressure (Pa) Noise (dB) Weight (kg) Capacitance
310FLW4 2019.015 220 50/60 1 110/150 0.46/0.62 1329 /1565 35.4/39.5 300/400 62 3.8 3μF/450VDB
310FLW5 2019.016 380 50/60 1/3 128/170 0.4/0.47 1330 /1586 35.4/39.5 300/400 62 3.8 CBB60            1μF/630VDB

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