This is a new generation of ultra-thin filter ventilator. Users can only purchase exit filters to match with different size of fans which give them more varity of options to choose.

  • Louvered grill latch for quick, toolless filter mat replacement.

Technical data
Model/Standard fan FB9805/150S-230 FB9805/150B-230 FB9805/220B-230 FB9805/150S-115 FB9805/150B-115 FB9805/220B-115
Available colors RAL7032/RAL7035 RAL7032/RAL7035 RAL7032/RAL7035 RAL7032/RAL7035
Order number 2016.018/2016.049 2016.019/2016.050 2016.020/2016.051 2016.021/2016.052 2016.022/2016.053 2016.023/2016.054
Rated voltage (V Hz) 230/50/60 115/50/60
Air flow, free blowing 190/220m3/h    
Air flow With export filters 1xFB9805:170/205m3/h
Axial Fan Automatically shield pole motor
Rated current (A) 0.25            0.25           0.45 0.50          0.50           0.90
Power (W) 36              36               65 36              36             65
Noise level (dB) 58/65
Operating temperature range -10 to +55
Exit filter FB9805 RAL7032(2016.003)/RAL7035(2016.034)
Remarks Special voltage needs can call the inquiry of the Company

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