LP4000N-1 Enclosure Air Conditioners

Experience superior climate control with the LP4000N-1 Enclosure Air Conditioner, ideal for large-scale applications.

  • Cooling Capacity: 4000W (13650 BTU/h), suitable for large industrial air conditioning units and rittal air conditioning units.
  • Expedient Delivery: Wide distribution network ensures fast delivery.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Dust-proof coil design suitable for most environments, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Remote Management: Full remote access control for extensive monitoring and management.
  • Simple Setup: Built-in flange for hassle-free installation.
  • Comprehensive Selections: Utilize the cooling selection tool to choose the best solution from a vast array of standard configurations.

High-efficiency enclosure air conditioner keeps the cabinet cool at all times, regardless of external environmental problems.

Temperature range -10º to +55º, fully meets the requirements of industrial environments.
Equipped with alarm system
Compact size saves installation space.
Internal grille design ensures component and operator safety
New display provides instant indication of current sensor and alarm status.
External grids and filters are easy to maintain and clean
QR code on the label allows you to check the technical data of the product online.
Integrated electronic thermostat function
Two internal and external fans for air circulation
Heavy-duty version for outdoor applications available
Cooling gas is R134a, which is environmentally friendly and has no adverse effect on the ozone layer

keyword Application of air conditioner: Industrial Automation / Control Panels / Robotics / Telecommunications / Base Stations: Protect sensitive telecommunications equipment in outdoor base stations from extreme temperatures / Data Centers / Renewable Energy / Solar Inverters / Wind Turbine Controllers / Railway Signaling / Automotive Control Units / Food and Beverage Processing Equipment / Packaging Machinery / Offshore Platforms: Provide robust cooling solutions for control panels and electronic equipment on offshore oil and gas platforms, where environmental conditions are harsh / Refineries: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Production Facilities / Water and Wastewater Treatment Pump Stations / SCADA Systems / Textile Industry Weaving and Knitting Machines / Spinning Machines Motor Control Centers /  Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) / Automated Dyeing Systems / Finishing Equipment / CNC Cutting Machines / Sewing Automation  
Quality Control and Inspection / Inspection Systems / Laboratory Equipment / Dust and Lint Control 

Technical data
Model LP4000N-1
Cooling capacity 4000W, 13650BTU/h
Nominal voltage 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Nominal capacity (L35/L35)1725W, (L35/L55)1840W
Nominal current 7.8A
Dimensional 485*1510*306mm
Installation Screw mounting
Operating temperature (-10℃~+55℃)
Setpoint temperature (+28℃~+40℃)
Air flow 1250m3/h
IP rating Internal IP54/External IP34
Refrigerant Type R134a
Noise level 68dB
Finish Power coated RAL7035
Weight 80Kg
Filter Yes
Condensate evaporation It is optional and can be ordered according to your specific requirements

LP4000N-1 Enclosure Air Conditioners

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