MH24 F 19-1

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"Cable Entry Plates" MH24 F 19-1 are crucial components in cable management and electrical installations, serving the essential purpose of guiding cables, wire bundles, and wires into equipment, enclosures, control panels, or walls. They play a pivotal role across various applications, offering a range of key features and advantages.

Key features and applications include:

1. **Cable Management**: Cable Entry Plates are employed to effectively organize and manage cables, reducing cable clutter and simplifying maintenance. They help ensure organized cable routing and minimize the risk of faults.

2. **Environmental Sealing**: These plates are typically equipped with advanced sealing technology, providing waterproofing, dust protection, and resistance to chemicals and adverse weather conditions to safeguard the electrical systems inside.

3. **Diverse Options**: Cable Entry Plates offer a variety of options in terms of sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate different cable sizes and types, catering to a wide range of installation requirements.

4. **Industrial and Commercial Applications**: They find extensive applications in industrial control systems, telecommunications equipment, the energy sector, medical devices, traffic signaling systems, and various other fields.

5. **Ease of Maintenance**: The design of these plates facilitates the swift and straightforward addition, replacement, or maintenance of cables, reducing system downtime.

6. **Safety**: By providing reliable cable sealing and protection, Cable Entry Plates help reduce the risks of electrical system faults, fires, and other potential hazards.

In summary, Cable Entry Plates are integral to ensuring the efficient operation and safety of electrical systems. Depending on specific application requirements, you can select the appropriate type and specifications of plates to meet your cable management and electrical installation needs. Whether in industrial environments or commercial applications, these plates play a pivotal role in delivering reliable cable management and protection solutions.

Technical data
Model MH24 F 19-1
Dimensions 154x56x19mm
Flam mability rating UL94V-0
IP rating IP66
Installation range(⊘) 4x1,5mm-3mm 4x16mmm-22mm

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MH24 F 19-1-1