Order code:1011.005
Main benefits

  • High quality products: benefit from the best connection.
  • Simplification and acceleration of flows: reliable expertise in delivery times.
  • Innovating for tomorrow's solutions.
  • Perfect connection reliability in response to all connection challenges.

Technical Data
size T12xH53.5xW51
rated current / rated voltage 76A/800V
cross section 0.5mm²-16mm²
packing 50
connection type screw connection
Din Rail type NS 35/7.5,NS 35/15,NS32

(1) end cover thichness 1.5mm AP 16 1011.024
(2) Centre type jumper bar: 10 potentialseparable        3 potential.5 potential, 10 potential 16EN
(3) end clamp JEW 35 1011.037
(4) Continuous number of printing DEK 6(1...10) 1011.045

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