JUK2.5B Din terminal block

Main benefits

  • High quality products: benefit from the best connection.
  • Simplification and acceleration of flows: reliable expertise in delivery times.
  • Worldwide availability.
  • Perfect connection reliability in response to all connection challenges.

Connection Standard IEC60947-7-1
Rated voltage 800V
Rated current 32A
Solid cross section 0.2-4mm2
Standard cross section 0.2-2.5mm2
Width 42.5mm
Height 42mm
Thickness 6.2mm
Inflammability class V0

Accessories Model Order Code
End cover D-JUK 2.5 1010.079 
Fixed bridge FBI10-6 1010.100 
Insertion bridge 2 poles EB2-6 1010.109 
3 poles EB3-6 1010.110 
10 poles EB10-6 1010.111 
Partition plate ATP-JUK  
Separating plate TS-K 1010.082 
End clamp E/JUK 1010.077 
Zack strip ZB5  
Din rail type NS35/7.5 1016.002 
NS35/15 1016.003 
NS32 1016.004 

Name download
JUK2.5B Din terminal block-1