FK9925 Enclosure Ventilation Fan

Everything about enclosure ventilation fan is designed to be simple:

  • Quick-fit technology enables fan filter unit to snap into prepared mounting cutouts to eliminate the need for any tools.

  • Reversing the fan motors changes the airflow direction.

  • Power connections can be positioned for quick wiring with spring clamp terminals that require no tools.

  • Louvered grill latch for quick, toolless filter mat replacement.

Technical data
Model/Order number FK9925.230     2023.021 FK9925.115    2023.022 FK9925.024  2023.023
Normally open/close/Order number FK9925.230-162.NO 2023.024 FK9925.115-162.NO 2023.025 FK9925.024-162.NO  2023.026
Model EMC/Order number FK9925.230-EMC 2023.056    
Standard fan F2E-162B-230 F2E-162B-115 F2E-162B-24-B
Rated voltage (V / Hz) 230/50/60 115/50/60 24 ( DC )
Air flow, free blowing 230/265m3/h
Air flow With export filters 1xFK9925.300:170/205m3/h
Axial Fan Automatically shield pole motor DC Motor
Rated current (A) 0.26/0.20 0.51/0.42 0.46
Power (W) 37/33 40/35 14
Noise level (dB) 48/52
Service life 70,000 hours at 25℃ / 47,700 hours at 50℃
Operating temperature range -10℃ to +55℃
Exit filter/Order number FK9925.300/FK9925.300-EMC 2023.030/2023.057
Remarks Please contact us for special requirements

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FK9925 Enclosure Ventilation Fan-1