Order Code: 1012.054

  • Made from anti Inflaming Nylon PA 66, Brass metal.
  • The Push-in connection terminal blocks are accept with different types of wires: ferrules , soft and solid conductors.
  • With a single click, PT series ground modular terminal blocks can simply snap onto the DIN rail to create the PE connection.
  • With combination foot which can install on the DIN Rail.


Technical Data
thickness 4.2
length 58
height 38
solid cross section (min) 0.50mm2
solid cross section (max) 1.50mm2
packing 50
Din Rail type NS 35/7.5 1016.002
NS 35/15 1016.003
NS 32 1016.004

  Model Order Code Packing
(1) end cover grey D-JPT 1.5-4 1012.055 100
(2) end clamp   E/JUK 1010.077  

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