Order Code: 1012.059 / 1012.069(JPT2.5-TW-BU)

  • Made from engineering flame retardants nylon PA66,brass conductor, stainless steel pressure spring.
  • The Push-in connection terminal blocks are characterized by easy and tool-free wiring of conductors with ferrules or solid conductors.
  • The compact design and front connection enable wiring in a confined space.
  • In addition to the testing facility in the double function shaft, all terminal blocks provide an additional test connection.
  • With universal foot which can be installed on Din Rail NS 35.
  • It can connect two conductors with ease, even large conductor cross sections are not a problem.
  • Electric potential distribution can use fixed bridges in the terminal center.
  • Multi-conductor terminal blocks allow you to distribute potentials at low cost while saving space.
  • All types of accessories: End cover, End Stopper, Marker strip, Plug-in bridge, Marker carrier,etc.


Technical Data
thickness 5.2
length 68.4
height 38
rated current 24A
rated voltage 800V
solid cross section (min) 0.50mm2
solid cross section (max) 4.00mm2
packing 50
Din Rail type   NS 35/7.5                                       1016.002
  NS 35/15                                        1016.003
  NS 32                                             1016.004

  Model Order Code Packing
(1) end cover grey D-JPT 2.5/4-TW 1012.061 100
(2) plug-in bridge parts, for terminal
     Central lateral connections 
2- poles
3- poles
5- poles
10- poles
JBS 2-5 1012.029 50
JBS 3-5 1012.030  50
JBS 5-5 1012.032 50
JBS 10-5 1012.033 10
(3) end clamp   E/JUK 1010.077  

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